Many of our clients accumulate a substantial amount of personal items in their lifetime. When people reach a critical point in their autumn years, a decision has to be made of what to do with these accumulated possessions. Some people may consider them to be treasures, while others consider them to be trash.

Treasures or Trash?

Personal item appraisal Personal item appraisal Personal item appraisal

JLF Appraisal Services has the experience to patiently sift through household items, to help heirs and trustees make decisions on determining how to resolve this dilemma. Our many years of experience in working with estates of elderly people resulted in finding considerable treasures as well as a considerable amount of trash.

This is especially true of people with dememtia and hoarding syndrome.

Many times our well experienced staff have found cash, jewelry, coins, etc. in some of the most improbable places: ice trays, between sheets and pillow cases, cereal boxes and the garbage just to name a few.

Should you need assistance in this phase of completing your client's estate, JLF Appraisal Services can assist you.

Our low cost fees can pay back dividends many times over.

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